Automatic Coil packing Solution

We offer coil packing system that plan according your packing need. There are various kinds packing line to link up the dividing line with coil down ender, crane, and fork man. We offer hot mill coil packing system also for attaining the highest planning. No matter coil detail scanning or strapping, packing, our system is able to lessen large amount of labor charge by pliable system for managing and loading. And we also offer the solution to assist you to have a swift return on investment.

Benefits of Automatic Coil Packing Line

·         Productivity managing, packing, palletizing that works for various coil detail.

·         Accountable in all steps and linkable with ERP system from packaging to supplying.

·         Best packaging in coil surface, strapping and palletizing.

·         Protective operation.

Automatic coil packing line: automatic coil managing, piling and palletizing system for advancing the divided coil from getting split line to the pallet and advancing to the warehouse.

The idea of packing line is a plan for an essential part of the coil packing machinery. The machine includes compact layers of packing materials complete surfaces of the coil. This compact layer of packing material keeps away the maximum of the air from the package. By lessening the amount of air in the package, concealed protective packing material, the prospective for moisture to form is lessened, thereby lessening the capacity of deterioration or water spots.

The ancillary packing is can be utilized too. This packaging may cover the guards of outside diameter, guards of inside diameter; guards of side wall or belly wrap material. These materials can be unified into the system to be used automatically or used manually. This ancillary packaging safeguards both the coil and the initial layer of film the ancillary product can be produced from plastics to control a wholly eco-friendly package.

A second layer of packing material is then utilized according to the needs. The second layer of packing material contains the ancillary package in place and more safeguards the inner airtight layer of film. The outer layer shall be cut from managing damage. Besides the inner layer remains untouched and thus the coil remains sealed and secured, because of the ancillary material is in between which is used solely by the two layers.

From Automatic coil packaging line, through coil wrapping machines to concerning packaging materials, we provide a huge variety of packaging equipment that includes a broad series for coil object.

Browse our complete range of solutions by choosing the areas that are perfect for you. There are solution to link with your slitting line and warehouse for automatic management, strapping, wrapping and piling on pallets. Only one man is able function the entire line in protective way.

The speed of ring and rollers are flexible to house materials differing in thickness. The conveyor belt or supportive roller can be lifted or downcast and in some models, even leaned to the most needed angle for packing. It can be furnished with an ink coding system, or an imprinter to account words, dates, and codes with each crest for each product. Speed of  Automatic coil packing machinery are highly fast tracked much more than by manually , it is perfect equipment for projects which need minimal space and charges and higher production rates.