Why Postures are Important? #3 Will Blow Your Mind

Body posture is one of the most apparent ways in which a person can make or break their body and personality. Our bodies are designed by nature in a particular fashion, and the right body posture is imperative to keep our bodies upright and working perfectly. 

Having said that, many of us are unaware of the right body postures in all types of cases. Be it standing, sitting, or lying down, placing your body in the correct position is the most important aspect of a healthy bone and muscle structure. 

Why is it important to have a good body posture?

A good body posture is one of the first lessons in fitness do’s and don’ts. Here are 5 ways in which good posture is beneficial to one’s body and why we should work towards building the right physical stance and making it a rigid habit in the long run.

  • Proper posture is imperative for good spine health:
Our spinal cord is the root of the nervous system and forms the basis of life in our body. It works in tandem with the brain to keep all our senses working and our mental condition as best as possible.  
The spinal cord extends from the base of the brain right down to the tailbone. Just like the brain is encased within the skull, the spine is also protected by the vertebral column which is a series of multiple small bones running down the back.

The vertebral column is the most affected due to our body posture. Be it good or bad, body posture has a direct influence on the backbone and, in turn, the spinal cord. Hence, if you’re looking to improve the health of your backbone and spinal cord, the first step would be to correct your body posture. 

A crooked, improper posture leads to lower back issues and slip-discs later in life which are quite painful and tedious to fix. The best precaution is to adopt the right kind of body posture regardless of any physical activity that you may be doing. 
  • Soothes anxiety and builds confidence:
Walking with a straight back with shoulders thrown behind and head held high upon a firm neck is just what you need when you feel an anxiety or panic attack setting in. Self-doubt and low self-esteem cause one to subconsciously curl up into an invisible ball and avoid taking up space.
This is why we see some people walking with a hunch and crouched shoulders. While just adopting the right posture is not enough to build good self-confidence, it is the first step towards preparing your mind for the best.

Good body posture and the right mental attitude coupled with therapy and medications can prove to be the best combination for one’s mental health in the long run. The correct body posture can catalyze one’s recovery process so that their mental health disorder, if any, can bounce back to normal at the earliest.  
  • Good body posture opens up doors of opportunity:
This may be a little hard to wrap your head around. But having the right body posture does open up multiple doors of incredible opportunities in both your personal and professional life. For starters, adopting the right posture gives you an air of self-confidence and authority as nothing else can.

It sends a non-verbal, subtle message to the onlookers that you’re here to occupy space and assert your authority most kindly and authentically. This attitude reeks of self-confidence and builds an aura of a great personality which people eventually get drawn towards.

People are always attracted to those who are self-confident. The self-assured and confident people land the best jobs, have the best dating relationships, make friends wherever they go and are taken seriously whenever they put forth an opinion or suggestion. 
  • Promotes strong shoulders and neck:
Slouched shoulders and neck take a heavy toll on the muscles which can result in chronic muscle cramps including aches in the neck and back. The upper back is more prone to damage in this regard since it is directly affected by the wrong way of carrying yourself. 

Keeping your back and neck straight with upright shoulders relaxes them and puts lesser strain on the muscles than if you were to walk with a slouch. Don’t stress your body too much by keeping your back and neck muscles stiff. Keep them relaxed but firm and you’ll soon notice a drastic change in your physical health and confidence levels too. 

  • Correct posture strengthens your core:
The core of the body includes the abdominal muscles and the gut. Being upright and adopting the correct posture enables your core to function optimally from within. It soothes digestion and promotes faster metabolism and assimilation in due course of time. 

Not only that, a strong core is imperative for the overall good health of the body. A person with a strong core seldom faces any physical troubles like constipation, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Nutrients are absorbed faster and better, and the individual often appears in a toned, slimmer look. 

How can you maintain good posture?

The first step is to be consciously aware of your posture at all times. If you are habitual to slouching and sitting with a crooked back and neck, you might want to reconsider your physique at the earliest. Have a friend or family member keep reminding you at all times to keep a firm, straight back.
Make sure you always sit at a slightly obtuse angle at your desk so that your back and neck are not completely slouched but also not stressed beyond need. You should always aim for relaxation instead of pushing your body to stay stressed and tensed. 

Summing it up:
Good body posture is the key to many physical health issues pertaining to one’s physique. Most lower and upper back issues can be treated by just adopting the right posture. The trick is to stay conscious about maintaining a default, correct position. If you find yourself slumping, rectify your stance immediately until the right posture becomes a habit.