The Beginner’s Guide How to Develop a website

Develop a website

Nowadays, the ecommerce business website has taken center stage, and all the businesses are looking to move to the online mode. In 2020, with the global pandemic outbreak, most retail businesses moved to the digital mode to take their business to the next level.

 Since then, the ecommerce business has reached new heights with the development of more online stores. In 2021, the ecommerce business is still growing because more people prefer to purchase through online stores.

Therefore, the demand for ecommerce websites is increasing every day to reach out to more potential customers. A responsive website with interactive design and engaging content attracts more web visitors to your brand.

It helps in generating more leads and converting those leads into potential customers. A highly responsive website with high-quality content appears higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) using relevant search keywords.

You can hire a professional web development company to build your ecommerce website. Website development Dublin-based company offers exclusive website design and development services to cater to your business requirements at highly affordable rates.

 An outstanding website helps your ecommerce business stand out from the competition. In this article, you will learn how to develop a website from scratch in a step-by-step guide.

Process of Website Development

A professional web developer uses many programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to develop your web design. There are eight steps in the process of successful web development that is:

  1. Gather Information

It is a critical step in the process of web development, but most people overlook this step. It is necessary to gather all the information to determine whether your web design moves on the right path. Establish your business goals and objectives.

Define the products and services which you are going to offer in your online store. Identify your target audience that is going to purchase your products. This information will help your web developer in developing a website based on your business goals.

  1. Planning

After you have collected all the information about your business, it’s time to create the sitemaps and wireframes. A sitemap is created with the information you have gathered in the first step.

The main purpose of a sitemap is to build the site structure and make the website user-friendly, whereas a wireframe provides the visual description of a website. It helps you in deciding which features and functions you want on your site.

  1. Design

Your web design plays a vital role in the success of your ecommerce business. It is designed keeping in view your target audience. A responsive web design with engaging features and user-friendly UI attracts more target audiences to your website.

Choose your background theme, colors, text shape, size, product images, and videos. The design layout of your website will structure your web pages in a professional manner to make them look appealing.

  1. Development

In this step, your web developers will run the codes on your website. A web developer uses codes on your website for a smooth and seamless user experience. It is one of the crucial steps in web development as the web design structured in the previous stage will come to life. According to the sitemaps, a homepage or landing page is designed first as compared to other pages.

  1. Content Writing

In this step, you write the content on your website. Unique and engaging content is essential to captivate the attention of your target audience. The content must be modified with headings, subheadings, and tags so people can easily find what they are looking for on your website.

The content needs to be updated regularly to make your website appear higher on the SERPs. It can be blogs, articles, press releases, client testimonials to stimulate the interest of your target audience.

  1. Testing

Testing your website before launching is essential for the success of your online business because it helps you in determining your website loading speed, usability, and cross-platform functionality. You can run your website on multiple screens to check if it works equally well on all devices. Testing is used to ensure the quality of your website.

  1. Maintenance

After launching, website maintenance is essential as it helps in enhancing the functionality and improving the user experience on your website. Many web developers provide maintenance services after web development.

  1. Choosing a content management system

WordPress is one of the best content management systems for your website. A content management system is used to create and manage the digital content on your website by providing a user-friendly interface. WordPress CMS is less expensive and easy to maintain.

Creating and managing a website is quite a daunting task; therefore, hiring WordPress web developers to develop a website for your business is better. A professional web developer knows how to create a unique, innovative, and aesthetically beautiful site for your online business.


A well-structured website helps in increasing your brand awareness and gaining a loyal customer base. A user-friendly interface with high loading speed improves customer engagement on your website. Custom-made websites are SEO optimized, which helps to direct organic traffic to your website and drive more conversions with enhanced ROI.

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