Steps You Need To Include For Custom Candle Boxes

Candle Boxes

If you’re looking to make the perfect candle boxes you are on the right page! Being a candle company owner, you have to think creative when making boxes. As in today’s time packaging plays a huge role to make you stand out in the market, in this guide you can learn different ideas about how you can make your candle boxes perfect and that can easily captivate the customer’s eyes. 

Let’s get into this and explore the perfect packaging ideas for your business and let your candle shine on the shelves. You can use these ideas for different types of candle made of paraffin, soy or handmade. 

Choose Quality Material:

There is multiple material that you can use for custom candle for packaging: 

  1. Cardboard: This is a versatile and high-in demand choice for custom candle boxes. They made up for sturdy and robust material that easily supports your product and protects it at the same time. Cardboard boxes can be customised with various finishes, printing and can add design elements according to our choice. 
  2. Kraft Paper: These boxes are high in demand now. As customers are now more conscious about the environment and are perfect to choose candle products wrapped in green packaging. This can not only promote your brand differently but make a positive impact on the planet as well. This kind of packaging is costly but biodegradable and can easily be recycled. Kraft paper candle boxes can give your brand an eco-friendly image.
  3. Corrugated Cardboard: When you need extra care and want your product shipped safely at your customer doorstep then corrugated cardboard packaging is a top pick. These boxes are extremely durable and can handle rough packaging. So, show extra care and safety with these corrugated cardboard boxes that can help you stand out in the market and bring loyalty from the customer side. 

Add Eye-catching Graphic:

Graphic elements matter a lot. If you design your box packaging for candles, carefully and with a creative thinking, you may have more chances that your product can be liked by your customers. Use high-quality images and graphics that represent your brand and your product. Never compromise on the quality of the graphic as it helps customers recognise you among the rest. 

 Include Important Information

Your custom candle boxes should be visually appealing but also informative:  Here are few steps that you can add in your information section on the custom packaging

  1. Candle Ingredients: You should educate your customer what’s inside your candle. Many customers must read what’s inside your product and know what materials are used, especially if they have allergies or preferences. Including a clear section of what ingredients, you use during the process can help build trust with your customers 
  2. Burning Instructions: Customer safety comes first. You have to mention the burring instruction on your packaging to ensure that customers can enjoy your candle without any accident. This information can include the recommended burn time also trimming the wick, and safe placement of the candle.
  3. Safety Warnings: It’s vital to alert customers with potential harm with candle usage. Warning about staying away from the candle when burning and pets should be prominently displayed. This not only protects your customers but also reduces the risk of accidents that could harm your candle brand reputation.


As a business owner, you need to carefully choose the manufacturer making custom candle boxes in bulk. Packaging plays a huge part and allows customers to choose yours over others as in today’s time it is the biggest marketing tool. By using these given steps that you can include in the Candle packaging boxes can win your customers heart and lead towards brand success.  You can easily search on google for top handle box manufacturers in uk, read their review and move forward for the packaging. 

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