Tips for Traveling Students: Pack and Go Traveling to Europe

Traveling Students

If you are a lucky student to have a vacation, you can travel to Europe! It’s a very popular destination for traveling students. Besides, even if you are already in Europe, there are many tourist destinations to explore. How? Just use Rentalcars24h popular service or their mobile app.

This is a possibility to rent a car wherever you go. Don’t worry about your age! Rental car services welcome all under 21 clients! Check it first! So, the traveling process usually includes such processes as packing, shopping, budgeting, safety. There are many tips about how to make each of these processes easier.


Of course, summer is a hot season for traveling with friends and having fun. It is important to watch your expenses. How to make enough money for a trip?

You may plan your journey from A to Z. Just divide your trip into different points like tickets, transportation, food expenses, attractions, and don’t forget about emergencies. It is really a big pleasure when you suddenly need to catch a taxi at night and have money for it. There are a few tips about money:

  1. Try to keep your cash in different places. It can be a hotel safe, your pocket, credit card. In such a way, you will always have extra money, whatever happens.
  2. Emergency money is MUST HAVE.
  3. You should have some cash. There are many places, like small shops, buses, museums, where you cannot pay with your credit card.
  4. Be attentive while buying souvenirs. They are very expensive in the souvenir shops. Try to find gifts for cheaper prices somewhere not in the city center.


Safety is very important, even traveling in a group. So, first and foremost, consider your age! If you are adult enough to drive, drink and take responsibility, be smart and careful.

Stick to your group. Don’t go somewhere alone. It is better to watch after one another and stay safe. First of all, safety means avoiding stealing. Try to keep money and expensive items you have out of sight. You don’t need expensive jewelry and lux surrounding on the go. Remember, if you lost your documents, passport, tickets, you may ask for help from your country’s embassy.

The copies of your documents can be also kept in a safe if you suddenly need it.

Ask Locals

Locals? How can they help in your traveling? It is not a secret that prices for tourists are higher than for locals. It’s not only about souvenirs. It’s all about local restaurants, cafes, shops, parks, and markets. It is better to ask locals and surf their areas first.

You will find a lot of great places to get cheap meals and cool souvenirs. Remember, souvenirs mean not only magnets and funny hats. It can be everything that the country you are traveling through is rich in. So, how about buying interesting accessories, food souvenirs from specialized shops or even clothes?

Even if your budget is not big, you can always buy something from locals. It is cheaper than you can find in popular tourist places.

Smart Packing

Packing is the first step in your traveling. Everything starts with packing. Stop and think! Where are you going to live? Of course, staying in a lux hotel, you don’t need to take many hygiene items with you.

Staying in the hostel, you shouldn’t forget your bathroom furniture and toiletries: hairbrush, tooth brush, shampoo, soap. It’s time to think of your clothes! What is the season?

What is the weather like? Try to avoid things that take much space in your valise. It is better to take different sorts of clothes that can be easily combined with each other. You may also pick layered clothes, and clothes of dark colors and natural materials, if you are going somewhere where it is hot.

Packing means not only clothes. Don’t forget about cameras, smartphones with useful apps in it, walking shoes, your iPad, umbrella, sunglasses. If you still have doubts, make a plan of your packing and a list of those items you have to take with you on the first turn.

Take Your Time to See Everything!

What do you want to see? Try not to miss a thing! Museums, parks, shops, exhibitions or other activities always welcome you, wherever you go. Just try to spend your time in such a way to leave your camera. Taking cool pictures is good, but it is not enough to feel positive emotions. It is better to touch, act, try than just see the world behind the camera. Think about your budget! There are city attractions you have to pay for.

You also need to have a travel insurance policy. here are all benefits of the travel insurance policy. Have you ever traveled to Europe? Have you ever traveled in a group? Don’t worry about your journey! Try to follow our tips to make your trip more comfortable and safe. You may share your comments if you have more tips for traveling students! Take your time!

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