TPlink wifi Repeater Not Working 4 Best Ways to Solve This Problem?

TPlink wifi Repeater

Any problem seen in the device is a very common thing, due to technical issues because all are based on modern techniques. One of the major issues is the TPlink wifi Repeater Not Working. The device provides the internet connection signals in the full home with the 1200 Mbps network speed.

You can control this device through the tether app. You can check all the things on your device on that app. The Tether app also sends notifications related to the app. 2.4GHz band provides 300Mbps and the 5GHz band transfers 900Mbps for the stable wireless connection of your tp-link booster.

Two antennas work to increase the internet signals performance of the home network router. You can set up your extender with the WPS button. The setup is completed in 4 minutes. 

The device is contented to the computer and extender through the wifi and Ethernet cable. There is one Ethernet port for the wired connection and the cable connection sends strong signals rather than a wifi connection, but for short-range. 

Features of the TPlink wifi Repeater 

To begin with, There are multifarious features of the tp-link wireless booster.

Easy management and control

The control management of the extender is very easy through the app. When you first use the app. So, the app guide as to how to use it. You can signal strength and connection which is connected to this device. You can block any connection.

Strong and powerful signals

The extender is used with the router to deliver powerful and strong signals. If you locate your device at the right location. Thus, you can benefit from a better connection with your extender.

Parental control 

Parental control is part of security settings. Through this setting, you can secure your children from the habit of modern things. You can put restrictions on unlimited internet usage and you can stop wasteful sites.


You can connect approximately 20 devices with your tplink range repeater. You need to change the connection type from the settings to tplinkrepeater login before making any connection.


The design of the device is perfect for working in any condition and at any place. The two external antennas increase the internet range of the router and you can move these antennas anywhere at a 360° angle.

These are the accomplished features of the tplink wifi extender.

Best Ways to Resolve the TPlink wifi Repeater Not Working Issues

To commence with, these are the following steps to solve the problems of the tplink booster. Follow the steps line by line which are mentioned in the upcoming paragraphs. 

Change the location

Check the location of your device is located in the right location or not. If your device is blinking red light and not providing a better internet connection. So, you need to change the location of your device. Place your repeater far away from any electric appliance and water things because that thing reduces the power of signals.

And place your device in the open within the network range of the router. Thus, you located your device at the right place, so maybe your device transfers the proper range and stops blinking red lights. If you placed your device at the right and it continuously showed the right light. So, follow the next step.

Check the connection type

If your device continuously blinks the red light. So, you should check the connection type of the tplink repeater. To solve this problem, open the settings and tap on the connection option. Choose the wired connection, when you connect your computer to the extender with the Ethernet cable, or choose a wireless connection when you connect your computer with the tplink booster via the wifi. Therefore, you start blinking green lights.

Reset your device 

When you need to reset, if the tplink repeater is not working and you checked all the settings and these are correct. So, you need to reset your device. That process refreshes all the locations of the booster and you need to set it up again. To use the reset, take a hard PIN and put this PIN into the reset hole, and press this for 5-6 seconds to start the process. When the process is starting. After completing the process, the device is working well.

Update the device firmware 

If the tplink wifi repeater not working, check the tplink firmware update from device settings. In the settings, has the firmware update option, so click on this and then, downloading is started. After downloading the file and tapping on the file. Then, the file will open, and click on the install. After installing the new file, your device started working.

If you have any problem or you do not solve these issues themselves. So, contact your device ISP to get more information and extra guidelines.


My friend purchased this tplink range repeater for their home to increase the performance of your router’s network. Yesterday, I went to my friend’s house. I saw this device was plugged into the switch. My friend described this device but in short. After spending 2 hours with my friend, I came back to my home. I read all about this device on the internet and I suggested this device to many people.

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